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Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong review
  1. Year: 2007
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Ashley Tisdale trusts the professionals

Disney Channel has bred a huge number of stars with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake among them. Most have grown up so quickly they are hardly associated with that anymore. Now time has come for an artist to appear on TV and become a teenagers' idol and only when she is already after twenty her musical career takes the start. Such is Ashley Tisdale, a girl from New Jersey. Her debut album aptly called Headstrong has confidently reached number 5 on charts and attracted a huge number of fans. Not that she has ever lacked them – an impressive number of star and minor roles in movies and series have placed her among the most prominent young actresses. Still there is still a great audience that has not seen her on the screen and takes fancy for the album. Really passionate about everything she is doing Ashley Tisdale has co-written three of the songs on Headstrong, so that the audience could understand her personal ideas better and also to prove how much she trusts the professionals. Her manner of performance changes your understanding of pop music, and positive mood passes on everyone without an exception.

Dancing songs and beautiful ballads on Headstrong

Mature and somewhat playful, Headstrong is built around eternal themes of love, respect, admiration and dreaming. Intro opens the album making a short review of all the tracks and giving only broad hints of what is expecting us. Dance beat of So Much For You is not to leave anyone indifferent, and first single He Said She Said amazes with professional sounding and Ashley's ability to change the style within one composition. Second single Be Good To Me also has an infectious rhythm and is refined with a man's rapping. Indian flavour on Not Like That turns it into one of the most danceable song on the album, and optimistic Positivity is just made for singing along as you are sure to memorize its catchy melody and a shouting chorus after the second listening already. Ballad Love Me For Me is devoted to the problem of individuality and sincere unconditional love. Track Goin' Crazy is again worth of your attention as here the singer makes confessions to a guy that literally drives her crazy, and the title composition Headstrong with its sharp shouting is a bit reminiscent of Gwen Stefani's latest works. Final ballad Suddenly is one of the songs that Ashley has partially written herself. It is remarkable for a complicated tune and soft piano accompanement.

Achieved much and remained herself

Despite her quite young age, 21, Ashley Tisdale has achieved much more than most of her peers. In fact she has been lucky in many respects. For a start, her current manager first saw her in a mall when Ashley was only three years old and her mom just took her there. So her life took a turn for show business practically from the very beginning. When a child Ashley was involved in advertisement, and gradually found herself on TV. Her personal qualities helped her remain herself all the time: she still claims to be shy and is sincerely happy when people recognize her. Ashley's plans for the nearest future include the continuation of performing in series and in the sequel of popular teenage movie High School Musical, the part which has actually made her famous. The artist is very happy with the beginning of her music career and is sure to go on working in this direction as soon as she has free time from the show. With her enviable experience Ashley is sure to reach a lot of peaks and maybe leave many of her fellow artists far behind. For now it is us who are lucky as we have 14 enjoyable tracks of great pop-music.

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