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Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare review
  1. Year: 2007
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Arctic Monkeys: multi-awards winners

Arctic Monkeys were a real sensation throughout the entire 2006; almost every single person considered that his duty was to say at least a few positive words about this band. Their first record Whatever They Say I Am, That's What I'm Not became the fastest-selling debut album in UK music history and this was the least honorable status that the band managed to receive. Arctic Monkeys collected probably all possible awards that music industry could offer. Today the list of the band's prizes looks approximately as follows: Mercury Prize 2006, United States' PLUG Independent Music Awards, "Album of The Year" awards in Japan and Ireland and finally "Best British Band" and "Best British Album" at the 2007 BRIT awards. The high peaks that many people try to reach during life times were taken free and easy. But luckily this rapid rise didn't turn heads of newly born stars. Despite extremely intensive concert schedule, which forced Arctic Monkeys' bass player leave the band, the musicians were persistently working at their new songs, and finally, only 15 months after their loud breakthrough, they are coming back with their new and promising album Favorite Worst Nightmare.            

Arctic Monkeys don't fear to test what they are capable of

If you worry that Favorite Worst Nightmare is worse than its predecessor than you better relax. The album turned out to be quite felicitous. Just like before the emphasis is laid on post punk and British indie rock, intensive rhythm and dense riffs. But there is one important distinction: Favorite Worst Nightmare's material became more diverse, Arctic Monkeys don't fear to test what they are capable of. The songs show up some new shades of moods and the arrangements are more considered and colorful. However, the general rebellious atmosphere still dominates. There are two leading tracks on the album: fast and rollicking Brainstorm and thoughtfully sad Do Me A Favour. And if Brainstorm is rather a reflection of last year's ideas than Do Me A Favour is something fresh, it sounds like a quirky indicator of future musical destination. Actually all the material of Favorite Worst Nightmare can be divided relying on this principle. And if such songs as Teddy Picker, Balaclava or The Bad Things concern the first variant, If You Were There, Beware or 505 sound more progressive. Staying sufficiently intensive they contain some new musical tints.                          

Strike while the iron is hot

In fact, it is worth saying that the stir around Arctic Monkeys doesn't carry a casual character. Honestly speaking these guys work and they work hard. As a proverb says, "Strike while the iron is hot". Take at least that fact that the band released a short collection of new songs only three months after Whatever They Say I Am, That's What I'm Not was done. Such efficiency is hard to find nowadays. Someone may think that they do it hoping to earn more while the interest is still there. There is such a phenomenon when people buy every product of a popular artist regardless its actual quality. But there is a strong refutation to this supposition. Favorite Worst Nightmare demonstrates confidence and obvious professional growth of musicians. The band plays harder and denser; the songs are more divers and lyrics are sharper. And you should take to consideration that new material was penned somewhere between concerts and tours. And though it is still hard to say that the band has advanced far from indie/post punk coloring of their debut album as well as that Favorite Worst Nightmare is better, but it is obvious that Arctic Monkeys became smarter and more curious.       

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