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Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton - The Point Of It All обзор
  1. Год: 2008
  2. Жанр: R&B/SoulContemporary
  3. Оценка:

In spite of all the troubles

Anthony Hamilton is a musician with the unusual life, as during many years he has been in the shadow although he could be on the shiny top of the charts. The reason was that the artist seemed to be haunted by the bad doom for several years. Once, the almost ready material of the album was lost in the studio, the other time, his disc was put on the shelf because his label got bankrupt… Even when Hamilton earned his long time deserved success, many critics were very skeptical about the duration of his good luck. The fall down of the popularity of American soul for that moment added some oil to the fire. Maybe, the suspicions of the critics could be right, but not in the case with Anthony Hamilton! As unlucky he was during the several initial years of his musical career, the same all-green light way he got after his break-through disc Comin' From Where I'm From. The artist did not forget about the years of undeserved silences and united all his best tracks of the past on one album of 2005 titled Soulife, which had the raving success too. The same year, the long-play Ain't Nobody Worryin' followed. In 2007, Hamilton enlarged his discography by the brilliant work Southern Comfort. The mixture of deep soul vocals and hip hop rhythms along with the contemporary arrangements made the singer one of the most noticeable figures of the American popular music. This year, the artist decided to make better his talent of story-teller and recorded a more bright and cheerful disc than any previous full-length by him. The disc is titled The Point Of It All.

Hamilton sings about the new found happiness

The first track of the disc, The News, became the energizing funk opener, on which Anthony’s voice strikes with its dynamics and range – he equally easily takes both the high notes and performs the refrains with the velvet baritone. In the single Cool (Feat. David Barn), Hamilton touches upon the up-to-date theme of finances – from one point, he calls for women to be more careful with the money during the crisis, when the majority of men are worried about the well-fare and future, while from the other side, the artist gives a wise thought that the cash is not the main thing in the relations. On the sunny track The Day We Met, the musician sincerely narrates to the listeners about his meeting with the future wife. In the tune Diamond In The Rough, the performer plays the role of the Southern aristocrat, who pays gallant and delicate attention to a girl he liked. Well, luring is definitely the strong side of Hamilton! The following track I Did It For The Sho is a rather sharp, ironic monologue, turned to the ex-girlfriend – the artist clearly lets her know that he has found a better party for him and the former woman has no chances for the re-establishment of relations. Only the piercing soul melody Hard To Breath reminds the listeners about the former works of the singer – in this song, Anthony again feels the difficulties of the break-off and the impossibility to forget the girl. All the rest tracks – the romantic ballad The Point Of It All, the memorable Fallin’ In Love, the optimistic Fine Again, the touching devotion to women Her Heart – they all demonstrate the cheer and happiness of the singer to the listeners.

Anthony Hamilton left all the troubles in the past

As it was noticed earlier, the new work by Anthony Hamilton can not be called the collection of the songs of the broken heart – the musician found out that this part of the body is created for some other, more positive feelings. The dark romance gave place to the speculations over the beauty of happy love and the importance of it in our love. You do not have to be the prophet in order to understand that Anthony’s wedding, which took place not long ago, was a successful event for the singer and brought him many happy openings. You also do not have to get psychological education in order to realize that such change in the artist’s moods will make good not only for the artist himself, but for his listeners too. It often happens that when the musicians start singing about the feelings, earlier unfamiliar to them – including the harmonic personal relations, the impressiveness of their vocals often fails. However, in this case the wonderful voice of Hamilton did not seem flat or grey; it expresses both the gladness and the sorrow with the equal deepness. Besides, on The Point Of It All Hamilton proved to be a brilliant narrator, the lyrics of his new songs grasps you and makes you listen to the last word of each fascinating story. The disc The Point Of It All by Anthony Hamilton will definitely become not only the new step forward in the singer’s career, but also an excellent decoration of any musical collection – especially if you are fond of qualitative love songs with the rich Southern neo-soul-vocals, layered on the highly modern hip hop beats.

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